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Who enjoys selling in a conventional way?

Most people don’t.

I personally enjoy it, when I’m selling something I believe in, but even though, I rarely do it.

In short, selling a product is not the best way to grow a long-term sustainable business.

Selling a product will get you clients who became clients because they were sold too, not because they were ready.

Now to make things clear, this strategy is not for everyone.

Selling will get you more clients, but a lower LTV. So if the LTV is not so important in your business model then you probably should not waste your time reading this post, however, if it is then you are in for a treat 🙂

The following strategy I will share:

     • Will not only increase the LTV

     • It will increase your Google reviews

     • You will have less toxic clients

     • You will have a more positive workspace

If this does not sound like the basis for a long-term sustainable business then I do not know what does.

So! How to get more clients without selling?

     •  Build a community

With a community around your business, you will consistently have a pool of prospects who know, like and trust you in which you can throw in your rod when you need a client and quickly pull one out.

     •  Educate them

Giving free value, is the number one way to build a community around your business. Don’t be afraid to give 10 times more information and help than your competitors do. They will just trust and like you 10 times more!

     •  Build trust

Share your story, show the human aspect of your business, like in any strong relationship, be vulnerable.To be clear: being vulnerable does not mean being less professional.Don’t make the mistake businesses make when trying to humanize their business and end up turning their business into an influencer brand, this will make it much harder to sell the business when the day comes.

     •  Gain confidence

Share case studies and collaborations to gain authority.

Most importantly, grow from micro engagements to macro engagements.

For example: Start by promising a piece of content in exchange for their email and make sure to over-deliver on your promise, then you can proceed to scale the engagement to a phone call or a free consultation, then maybe a low tier product and so on.

Don’t rush, trying to get rich quick, will take longer than trying to build a long-term engine.

     •  Casually mention your offer times to times

Don’t be “salesy”, be just like if you were proposing something to a friend.

First, make sure it is right for them.Then, make it clear that they in no way should feel obligated.

CLEARLY STATE what is the kind of client you want so they know if they fit in with your business or not, or else you will grow a negative workspace, especially if you interact with clients often.

Now of course this is a very high-level view and I would love to dive deeper into this with you sometime on a call.

It sounds like something you would benefit from, then click here, and let’s schedule a time to have a chat 🙂

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