a future where small and large businesses can access the latest marketing strategies and technologies.


a company adapting to its clients, understanding their needs, vision and culture.


a service uniting art and technology, leveraging talents worldwide, bringing the best designers and best developers together to bring its client’s visions to life.


We envision a unique business, delivering unique services in a unique way.



From our conception, we have seized every opportunity to build a flexible company structure.
Our culture, systems, and operations enable us to provide tailored services.


We invest in research & development to stay on the cutting edge of every innovation as well as developing our own unique solutions.


We break the barriers of rigid systems to let creativity free-flow within our teams and leave room for the birth of unique ideas. We are not limited by our structure, only by our imagination.


Once upon a time…

2016: Piers made his first investment in the stock market, this is what ignited the ongoing research of: What is new? Where is the world heading? And how does this apply to businesses?

2017: He built his first cryptocurrency miner.

2019: Piers started his marketing consulting company working with small businesses as well as industry leaders.

February 2020: Full of knowledge from his experience in London, he then joined Antoine in Madrid. Piers and Antoine talked about the consulting experience, the problems encountered, the mistakes made by most companies, the great successes, and the vision of a new and very different marketing agency. This led to the creation of DigiGrowth Agency, a new and updated vision of marketing, ready to break the mold.

April 2020: Home coaching Luxembourg became their first client.

June 2020: Hugo quickly joined the adventure. He then began the intense training of DigiGrowth Agency.

January 2021: Home Coaching Luxembourg has seen its business grow by 120%.

February 2021: DigiGrowth Agency accepted their first client into its latest innovative service built for start-ups, Project Moon.

June 2021: DigiGrowth Agency launched its research and development center, showing a commitment to bring the latest innovations to their clients, so they can keep a competitive advantage in the market place.

September 2021: DigiGrowth launched its first NFT (Non-Fungible Tokens) service and started a beta test with Dual Management.

October 2021: The NFT service BETA test was a success! Through word of mouth, DigiGrowth Agency found itself accepting 3 new clients into the second phase of product development.

November 2021: DigiGrowth Agency has rebranded from Digital Marketing Agency to Digital Innovation Agency, as it better describes all that it has to offers to its clients.

Today: DigiGrowth Agency is currently developing several pioneering services from NFT loyalty programs, to Viral Marketing, to Tik Tok services. Its also developing services for new kinds of clients such as artists, celebrities, musiciens and influencers.

DigiGrowth Agency matured their vision and services to become an agency unlike any others.

Piers Thackray - CEO

  • 2 Years Marketing Consulting from small to million dollar companies

  • Tech & Crypto Investor

  • Built his first blockchain miner at 17 years old

Antoine Bertoncini - COO

  • Franco-Spanish Double degree in international management

  • Crypto Investor

  • High-level sportsman multiple champion

  • 5 years experience in entrepreneurship

Hugo Drouet - CMO

  • Studied Sports Management & Marketing

  • 5+ years experience in management

  • Sportsman’s mentality and ambition